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Thank you for your interest in submitting music to the Fuzzy Music Records team.

Please make sure you follow one of the following submission methods, any other submission will not be consider. We make every effort to listen to all submission sent to us.  

We considered you submit your music via the SoundCloud DropBox, please include your contact details, such as phone number, email address. Include links of social media sites which might interest us, such as Facebook, twitter, PR, etc.

Click below to us the SoundCloud DropBox


Attach no more than three mp3 files to you email, and no more than one image, and a bio or a link to social media sites, such as Facebook, twitter, PR, etc. Please make sure you minimum you mb files as possible. Only use this method if you do not have a SoundCloud page.

The email address for submitting your demo is as follow: enquiries@fuzzymusicrecords.co.uk

We aim to assess any demo submission within 50 Days. Please do not send the same demo twice. Only send your demo twice if you have been requested to do so my FMR representative.


If you are a songwriter and you will like to write songs for FMR artists. Attach a bio about yourself, your location and a music link, which might interest us. 

Send the details to Jonathan Asante at:


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